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When a company stops supporting computer hardware or software, it doesn’t mean the hardware or software is no longer functional for your work environment and you have to upgrade. Sometimes, it still works just fine and there is no need to rush to upgrade. However, you will still need help with routine maintenance, and that is where IT Express comes in. We offer Cisco end of life maintenance in MN and across the country, which means you can continue to get IT support for your Cisco network and other Cisco services even after Cisco stops sending patches and other updates.

When you hire IT Express Services for our Cisco end of life maintenance, you get to decide when to upgrade your IT systems and software, not the manufacturer!

More about Cisco End of Life Maintenance

When a manufacturer determines a product’s or service’s end of life date, that means that as of that date, the manufacturer will no longer support the product or service. Sometimes, that can take a company by surprise. Perhaps the product or service is still working just fine for your company and employees, so there is no urgent need to make a sometimes-costly upgrade. By hiring IT Express Services, you can increase the life of the hardware or software until your company is ready to make the upgrade or change to a different system.

IT Express Services offers alternative maintenance plans and solutions. We offer several different service levels, but no matter which one you choose, you will have access to technical support over the phone. Most service levels also offer on-site IT support. And Cisco networking support is our specialty, so our technicians are well-versed in Cisco products and services.

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