Cisco SMARTnet vs. Cisco SMARTnet Alternative

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If you have recently purchased any Cisco equipment, you might be looking into Cisco SMARTnet. This Cisco service is an annual contract that gives customers access to Cisco Technical Assistance Center (TAC) engineering support, hardware replacement options, software updates and more. But is buying into this a smart investment, or should you look into a Cisco SMARTnet alternative?

The answer to this question relies mainly on the size of your business, your annual IT budget and how quickly you need a replacement piece of equipment. For example, if your IT manager insists on a hardware replacement turn-around time of one hour, even the highest tier of Cisco SMARTnet does not provide for that fast of a turn-around time. (The highest tier offers 2-hour replacement services.) Your IT manager might have the needed replacement part on a shelf, a “hot spare,” and could use that to replace the broken part. So this part of the Cisco SMARTnet plan probably wouldn’t do your company any good.

Also, you should keep in mind that Cisco software will not be covered under this service agreement. And when you go with a Cisco SMARTnet alternative, like through IT Express Service, you get support for previous-generation and end-of-life hardware. That way, you get to continue using your older equipment when support is no longer available directly from Cisco. Our IT professionals are Cisco certified engineers.

Your company could save a bundle by going with IT Express Services for our Cisco SMARTnet alternative plan. While Cisco equipment and products offer excellent value, and their tech support is one of the best out there, sometimes the service requirements your company has do not match up with what Cisco offers. A company like IT Express Services might offer a service that is more tailored to your business’ IT needs.

So when you want to learn more about our Cisco SMARTnet alternative plan, call IT Express Service at 877-465-8556 or you can Contact Us.

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