Extreme Networking Consultants

IT Express Service’s service support team can meet your specific Extreme networking needs and can help ensure you have the least network disturbance possible while optimizing performance in all phases of the network lifecycle – evaluation, development, design, implementation, optimization and maintenance.

Extreme Networking: Wireless

Our wireless networking professionals provide the expertise to design, position, optimize, and safeguard your Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN). We offer service in Extreme Networking WLAN-specific services, including:

  • Access point configuration
  • Radio frequency planning
  • Security

Extreme Networking: Ethernet Switching

Our team of professionals offers service and support for both customized and packaged solutions for LAN implementation.

Extreme Networking: Security

Malware and other threats continue to create big setbacks for many businesses, and there are new challenges daily. Our IT Express Services team of certified security professionals provides the expertise you need to secure your network. From breach solutions to proactive product implementation, IT Express Services offers a full range of security solutions.

Ongoing Maintenance Plans

Effective and consistent technical maintenance is crucial to your network’s success. IT Express Services has a variety of service options that will ensure your network’s best performance that are designed to meet your particular needs and provide support while staying cost-effective (and with the least amount of hassle). Choose from consulting services with predefined deliverables, or IT Express Services will build custom services specifically designed to meet your business objectives. We offer packaged services which address the most common network implementation and administration concerns. A customized service plan from IT Express Services might include project management, installation services, and managed deployment.

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