SMARTnet® Alternative Retains Reliability While Helping the Bottom Line

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A SMARTnet® alternative can be a viable solution to the skyrocketing costs of maintaining IT networks. The pressure is on for IT groups to quickly diagnose the problem and restore network operations as soon as possible. For many, Cisco’s SMARTnet® service has been the only apparent way to achieve that.

Maintenance Agreements
Network integrity can be critical to the successful functioning of a business. Failure of software or a hardware component can bring the mission critical operation of a business to its knees in short order. SMARTnet® allows IT technicians to contact a Technical Access Center with certified Cisco professionals and troubleshooting tools. It can also expedite hardware replacement options if required. But the cost of a SMARTnet® alternative maintenance agreement for the entire network puts a strain on the bottom line for some businesses.

Some corporations are even taking a chance by risking not having any agreement at all, in order to maintain profitability. This is false savings though, and it’s just a matter of time before a disastrous failure occurs. You really don’t want to go there.

Alternative Network Solutions
A better solution would be to provide SMARTnet® equivalent coverage to the mission critical portion of your network, while covering other parts of the network with appropriate protection that would allow reasonable restoration of those services in a timely manner.

IT Express Services is a Cisco Certified Partner with professional sales and technical support. We can provide you with Cisco’s SMARTnet® alternative support if that is the appropriate coverage for you to ensure the integrity of your network operation. But if a more cost effective SMARTnet® alternative approach would be right for you, we could develop a solution with lower network support costs while still providing you with a comfortable level of reliability.

To get started with a SMARTnet® alternative program today, call us at 877-465-8556.

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